By Craig Wright 

Produced by the NorthField Mount Hermon Theatre Deptartment — April 2013

performed in the David Rowland Studio Theatre 

This plays tells the story of a blind date between Waverly, a young woman in advertising and Andrew, a airport bookstore manager...on September 12th, 2001. The date gets shifted to a night in with pizza because Waverly has not yet heard from her twin sister who lives in New York.  As they both wait in Waverly's apartment for her sister's phone call, the two realize they've been connected by a series of extraordinary coincidences—though not all of them are positive.  The date plunges into hilarity and surreality by visits from Ron, Waverly's good-nautred, stoned, musician neighbor and his "lady-friend" Nancy, and Waverly's great-aunt, author Joyce Carol Oates—portrayed by a sock puppet. Through audience participation and a coin toss, the play taunts the audience with the question of fate versus free will, and the fluidity and illusory power the individual has. 

Recent Tragic Events, was a senior directing project at Northfield Mount Hermon. 

Performance Video:

(Photos by Glenn Minshall, NMH Flickr)