by David Auburn

Produced by IC Players  — April 2016

Performed at Ithaca College's Ford Observatory

This production, "charts the friendship between two observatory workers as it waxes and wanes over the course of a year." (Dramatists Play Service). The relationship between the two characters, Veronica and Mike, is rich with things left unsaid thanks to Auburn's chillingly minimalistic writing, but nothing left unfelt. Their story is one of wrestling with out baggage as we search to find amiable, honest companionship in a hostile world.

This production was staged outside of Ithaca College's Ford Observatory in approximate real-time to the action of the play, with some abstractions of locations. This was done to enhance the reality of the world of the play and the realism of Auburn's text. However, for scenes meant to occur away from the observatory, the abstraction and surreality in their setting in these moments worked to enhance the text and overall telling of the story.  

(Photos by JRomeo Photography)